WordPress Plugin of the Day: LuckyWP Table of Contents – Automatic Table of Contents for WordPress

Automatic Table of Contents for WordPress Contributions with LuckyWP Table of Contents
Automatic Table of Contents for WordPress Contributions with LuckyWP Table of Contents

What is LuckyWP Table of Contents?

The WordPress plugin automatically creates a table of contents for any content of a WordPress website. For posts as well as for pages and other taxonomies it reads the subheadings in the post (h2, h3 etc.) and automatically creates a numbered list. This list can be displayed in various places.

How does the automatic table of contents work?

LuckyWP Table of Contents automatically generates the table of contents text based on the subheadings. So that the user can jump directly to the corresponding section of the post or page by clicking, the plugin inserts so-called jump markers (HTML anchors) in the corresponding section headings.

At which positions can the table of contents be displayed automatically?

  • before the first headline
  • under the first heading
  • when Gutenberg is used: after the first block (paragraph or heading)
  • directly at the beginning of the post
  • at the end of the post or page

How do website visitors benefit from the table of contents for WordPress articles?

Users find such a table of contents clear and can see at a glance whether further reading is worthwhile. In times of short attention this can lead to higher interaction with the content. In this way, the website operator can bring his content better to the target groups and satisfy their needs more specifically.

Is the plugin convenient for WordPress website authors?

Absolutely. Personally, I find the automatic table of contents handy when writing, too. I don’t have to worry about the creation. But I am guided in a certain way when writing: Knowing that a structured overview is automatically created on the basis of my subheadings and displayed prominently to the users later on, I write more subjectively perceived and structured and get to the point faster.

Anything only cosmetics or does the plugin also bring something for SEO?

It is known that search engines appreciate structure. Setting subheadings is the first step. The table of contents shows the search engine algorithms once again very clearly the structure of the post. With long contributions, which perform well in the search, this can lead to a better representation of contents in the search results.

What additional features does LuckyWP Table of Contents offer?

Numerous options allow fine adjustment of the display. If desired, the following behaviors, for example, can be defined:

  • Posttypes that receive a table of contents
  • manual insertion via short code, Gutenberg block or widget
  • for automatic insertion: Set the minimum number of headings from which the table of contents will be shown
  • Setting the sublevels up to which the directory reaches
  • Skipping certain headings depending on level or terms
  • decimal or Roman numerals or both combined
  • Definition of the typography
  • Default color schemes that can also be overwritten
  • adjustable labels
  • soft scrolling
  • Include table of contents with tag (optional)

Is the automatic table of contents compatible with my theme?

According to the author, LuckyWP has a high degree of compatibility, whether with or without Gutenberg. We have tested it with different themes, including Divi, but also with simpler themes. So it’s quite likely that the plugin will work with your configuration. A German language file was not included. However, the texts for the frontend can be defined directly in the menu. For multilingual websites with WPML, you may have to do the translation with a trick (String Translation – scroll down – Translate Text in Admin Screens), so that the plugin outputs “Contents” in English and “Contents” in German.

Is LuckyWP Table of Contents up to date?

Status at the end of 2019 yes. The plugin is actively maintained by the author, and support is also provided.

Where is the Table of Contents plugin available and what does it cost?

LuckyWP Table of Contents can be found free of charge in the official WordPress Repository. Thanks to Nicole, who discovered it first!

Video Review LuckyWP Table of Contents Plugin

My current test rating: 9 out of 10 points

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