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WordPress Books

Educate yourself in WordPress, buy a WordPress book and help us out If you like and you would like to dig deeper into the WordPress World, we recommend considering one of these WordPress books...

PHP 7.3 Speed Gain

We are now running PHP 7.3 on and are happy about it

It seems relatively painless to upgrade WordPress to the new PHP 7.3 version on the server-side. WordPress ist often criticized these days, there were some disruptions caused by page builders and the ...

WordPress 5.0: Release date Dec. 6th confirmed – Release Candidate is now available – the Divi Page Builder only seems to work by suppressing Gutenberg

Update: WordPress 5.0 will be officially released on Dec. 6th, 2018, as Matt Mullenweg confirmed on Dec. 4th. The WordPress 5 Release Candidate is available for testing In our test installation, the D...

Why you actually should use WordPress to send newsletter emails

Whenever I do web research on WordPress and newsletter tools for WordPress, I stumble across an aged post on with the headline: “Why You Should Never Use WordPress to Send Newslet...

Oasis Workflow: Turn WordPress into an Editorial Calendar and Workflow Manager

Looking for a WordPress plugin which enables to to establish an entire editorial workflow with quality management and processes? Don’t look any further. Oasis Workflow is the tool I have chosen ...

9.5 Amazing
toolkit - many tools on a wall

Plesk WordPress Toolkit

The Plesk WordPress Toolkit is a swiss army knife for admins needing to manage multiple WordPress instances on one server. Whenever you are running several instances of WordPress, you will sooner or l...

8.5 Great

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