WordPress is more than a CMS for blogs: Four professional examples of WordPress as a business tool

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Again and again I come across the prejudice that WordPress is a solution with which you can run blogs in particular. The fact is: WordPress can be used to create an unbelievable number of applications that you wouldn’t think of at first glance.

For almost 10 years now, my own business website has been based exclusively on WordPress. This makes me more flexible than with any other content management system (CMS) and I can exchange content easily and quickly. Other companies don’t do this because they have cumbersome CMS solutions based on TYPO3, for example, which make any editorial change difficult and tedious.

Other advantages WordPress offers:

1. WordPress is a complete solution for e-mail marketing and newsletters

Newsletter solutions for WordPress: Until now, this was primarily understood as MailPoet. Unfortunately, the authors of the plugin have obviously taken over something during the further development to MailPoet 3. But do you know Mailster? This newsletter software for WordPress rocks absolutely. It costs about 60 USD at CodeCanyon. Mailster gets along perfectly with Amazon SES. This makes it possible to create newsletter solutions with excellent deliverability and good bounce management.

This is e-mail marketing at a level that not only corresponds to that of MailChimp and Co. – such external providers are thus completely superfluous. A clear advantage for WordPress as a business website CMS.

2. WordPress is an Intranet and a Social Network

BuddyPress – the name is a bit cute. But behind BuddyPress is an extension for WordPress, with which you can turn the supposed blogging CMS into a complete social network. Users can create and maintain profiles, send themselves direct messages, form groups and so on and so forth. In the end a WordPress with BuddyPress is hardly inferior to a social network like Facebook, especially if you extend it with plugins.

In my opinion, BuddyPress is also a wonderful solution that makes it possible to turn WordPress into a complete intranet. I see no single reason against it. Users can send themselves direct messages, create groups with different privacy settings – and so on.

3 WordPress is a Content Syndication Tool

If you combine the newsletter capabilities of WordPress mentioned under 1) with the RSS qualities, you can turn the seemingly inconspicuous CMS for Blog into a content platform that simultaneously sends press releases and automatically distributes them via feed to news portals that have subscribed to the feed. I know concrete examples of such applications.

If you invest in your own development and ideas, you can turn WordPress into the center of your PR activities and save yourself any external service providers as well as expensive software or cloud services for public relations.

4. WordPress is an editorial system including workflow

I described this in the article about Oasis: Instead of expensive tools for content planning and editorial calendars, you can simply use WordPress. Oasis Workflow makes it possible to turn WordPress into an editorial calendar and to use WordPress completely as a tool for editorial quality control. Suggesting articles, editing, coordinating with the authors – that’s all possible if you think a little and invest in the right plugins, completely and solely with WordPress.

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Bernhard has been working as a tech editor for 10 years, then became a communications specialist. In 2011, he founded his own agency Lots of Ways. He is blogging and working with WordPress since 2006.


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