Month: September 2018

Oasis Workflow: Turn WordPress into an Editorial Calendar and Workflow Manager

Looking for a WordPress plugin which enables to to establish an entire editorial workflow with quality management and processes? Don’t look any further. Oasis Workflow is the tool I have chosen ...

9.5 Amazing

Why you should check WordPress sites you have migrated with the Duplicator plugin right now

If you’ve used the popular Duplicator plugin to migrate a WordPress site, it is time to check this installation right now. The simpe reasons: There could be files left over from the migration process,...

Google Chrome Logo Doodle

Make Chrome 69 display URLs completely and stop hiding subdomains

Google is currently changing the way Chrome (version 69) is displaying URLs. So-called “scheme and trivial subdomains” are hidden in the browser’s adress bar (Omnibox). URL prefixes ...

toolkit - many tools on a wall

Plesk WordPress Toolkit

The Plesk WordPress Toolkit is a swiss army knife for admins needing to manage multiple WordPress instances on one server. Whenever you are running several instances of WordPress, you will sooner or l...

8.5 Great

WordPress site infected? How to Clean a WordPress Hack

Has your WordPress site been hacked and infected? We have got some basic advice on how to clean an infected site. WordPress has become the world’s most popular content management system, but wha...

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